Dr Ali-reza Bhojani speaks about ‘Moral Rationalism, Shari’a and the Common Good’

On the 11th of November 2014, AMI’s Dr Ali-reza Bhojani delivered a Research Seminar on the topic of; ‘Moral Rationalism, Shari’a and the Common Good’ as part of a series of Seminars based on ‘Ethics & the Law: Christian-Muslim Encounters’ held at the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies in Oxford. The seminars will feature around eight different Speakers from around UK including, Revd Dr Richard Sudworth, Dr Muzammil Quraishi, Dr Joshua Hordern and of course Dr Ali-reza Bhojani who already have and will disseminate their findings to an audience of scholars and graduate students. Making it the perfect platform for Inter-faith dialogue with other specialists and to present their ‘in-progress’ research for the betterment of Muslim-Christian relations.

Representing the Al-Mahdi Institute, Dr Bhojani spoke about the Muslim religious response to issues of the common good and the conception of the Sharia and how it regulates every aspect of the human life. An abstract of his paper read;

”Viewed as a comprehensive system of religious duties, it is through this vision of Sharia and the potential in its sources, that Muslims seek ‘Islamic’ perspectives on contemporary issues of shared concern ranging from human rights to ecology. There exist clear resources in the Quran and prophetic tradition insisting on a social ethic, grounded in responsibility towards God, in pursuit of the good and justice. However the potential of these scriptural resources is shaped by underlying meta–ethical assumptions; what makes something good and what do we mean by justice?”

For more information about the Research seminars held at the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, please click here.