Dr Ali-reza Bhojani presents at ‘Islam, Law and the State’ Research Seminar at Exeter University

On 7th January Dr Ali-reza Bhojani was invited to  participate in ‘Law, Islam and The State’ research seminar and lecture, held at the University of Exeter, as part of the Islamic Reformulations Project. Dr Bhojani presented a paper entitled  The role for religion in a plural public sphere through the lens of an ʿAdliyya reading of Sharīʿa about the implications of anʿAdliyya theological conception of this moral responsibility upon the role for religion in a plural public sphere.

The seminar aimed to bring together researchers focusing on the relationship between Islam, as the system of belief and practice of Muslims, and Law, the regulation of human behaviour through a complex of rules, often enforced by a State or similar governing bodyclassical and contemporary trends. To learn more about the Islamic Reformulations workshop click here

It was concluded that although much of the current focus is on the problematic role of Shari’a, but the issues are not specific to Islam. Throughout the seminar the past interaction of religion and law were examined. The way they have inspired modern legal systems was explored and how debates around their relationship might be better informed

To view an abstract of Dr Ali-reza’s paper click here

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