Dr Ali-reza Bhojani discusses the importance of critical thinking in the Quran in New Horizon’s ‪#‎Ramadan‬Bites video

On June 21st 2016, approaching the final nights of Ramadhan, Dr Ali-reza Bhojani discussed the importance of critical thinking in the Quran in New Horizon’s #Ramadhanbites video.

#Ramadhanbites was a project initiated by New Horizons, and were aiming to be bite sized daily reflections. They are released daily throughout the Islamic month of Ramadhan and have included a range of international speakers and covered many topics worth reflecting on from overcoming disunity, complexities of creation to top tips for productivity.

Dr Ali-Reza Bhojanis talk featured the importance of charity, restraint, and compassion in Ramadhan. He focused on the value of critical thinking and engagement with information as mentioned in the Quran; as well as internal reflection amongst the current climate of information overload.

Watch the video below


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