Dr Ali-Reza Bhojani delivers lecture series on Theology of Islam and Imam Husayn at Mehfil Ali

During Muharram, between 8th – 11th October 2016, AMI’s Dr Ali-reza Bhojani delivered a series of lectures surrounding the topic of ‘Theology of Islam and Imam Husayn’. The lectures were focused on examining a series of classical Muslim theological questions and their contemporary relevance. The lectures also followed discussions on diversity in doctrines, Gods justice and suffering , and the nature of the afterlife.

Taking place at Mehfil Ali (Middlesex ), the lectures were well attended by a great number of learned community members and interested members of the public. During the three nights Dr Ali-reza’s lectures answered questions on the god centred world view of Husayn (a.s), said to be his basis and objective, and revealed practical values of aspiring to such a worldview.

To watch the full series click here