Dr Ali-Reza Bhojani awarded ‘Religious Advocate of the Year’ at British Muslim Awards 2016

AMI Research Fellow Dr. Ali-Reza Bhojani is awarded Religious Advocate of the Year  for the 2016 British Muslim Awards. According to the British Muslim Awards the prize “recognises a religious teacher who is able to balance Muslim teachings with the British way of life. They are inspiring to our younger generations helping them to understand better the true meaning of being a Muslim whilst facing all the challenges of an integrated Great Britain”

Speaking about his award Dr Ali-Reza said ”It was a great surprise to be listed amongst the many incredible people contributing so much to British society and beyond. I am of course grateful to God for the opportunities that have led to this award. I want to acknowledge the role of my family, and the entire team at the Al-Mahdi Institute. AMI is a unique space for voices that can truly bring out the universal teachings of Islam in a way that can speak to the concerns of humanity today, and it is the freedoms that we enjoy here in Britain that allows us to do so”

The British Muslim Awards now in their 4th year, recognise a wide range of achievements which cover various aspects of society including business, charity, sport, arts and culture. The event was one of celebration, reflecting the significant role that Britain’s Muslim have in society and aims to showcase the determination, hard work, personal and commercial achievements of the British Muslim community.

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