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To fulfil the demand for post-Madrassa education and adult learning, AMI offers short courses, which facilitate the intellectual and spiritual development of individuals and communities. Short courses, open to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, encourage a deeper understanding of Islam and the teachings of the Prophet and his impeccable progeny.

The classes are delivered by instructors who are experts in their respective fields and passionate about providing high quality education. In addition to teaching the short course modules, many of the instructors also deliver classes on the Hawza Programme. Short Courses available in the past have included Tafsir of the holy Qur’an, Arabic and Persian Language courses.

Our next Tafsir series will commence in early 2019. Sign up to our mailing list below to receive more info on our upcoming courses.

Courses Available

Below are the short courses conducted at AMI in the past. Click on any course to view more information and access recordings.

Tafsīr of Sūrat al-Qiyāmah
“An Analysis of Shaytan’s Strategies and Psychology in the Qur’an”
Tafsīr of Sūrat al-Hujurāt
Tafsīr of Sūrat al-Jinn
Tafsīr of Sūrat al-Zumar
The tafsīr of Sūrat al-Wāqi‘ah

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Course Name: Tafsīr of Sūrat al-Qiyāmah (The Resurrection)

Course Instructor: Shaykh Muhammed Reza Tajri

Dates: 5th November – 26th November 2019 (4 weeks)

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