New Course: ‘Jurisprudential Issues of Fasting Related to Women’ taught by Manal Baqer Hoballah

Course Information:

Course Title: Jurisprudential Issues of Fasting Related to Women

Course Tutor: Manal Baqer Hobballah

Course Dates: Thursday 22nd February 2024 and Thursday 29th February 2024

Course Timing: 11:000am – 12:30pm (GMT) – Each session will include a 1 hour presentation followed by a 20 minute Q&A

Course Location: First Floor Seminar room, Al-Mahdi Institute 60 Weoley Park Road, Birmingham, B29 6RB


Course Structure:

First Session:

Introduction to the jurisprudential topics related to fasting.

1 – A general explanation of the division of jurisprudence into worship (‘ibadāt) and transactions (mu’amalāt) with clarification that fasting is placed under worship.

2  – An explanation of the actions involved with fasting in the books of jurisprudence such as: intention (nīya); Invalidators (mufairāt); sighting of the moon (thubūt al-hilāl); conditions of obligation and validity (shurū al-wujūb wa al-ṣiḥḥa) ; rulings of expiation (akām al-kafāra); rulings of making up missed days (akām al-qaāʾ) recommended and disliked and prohibited fasting (al-ṣawm al-mustaab wa al-marūh wa al-muarram)

Second Session:

The jurisprudence of fasting for women. The following six topics shall be discussed in this session:

1 – The things which invalidate a fast, such as (a) sexual intercourse; and (b) remaining in a state of ritual impurity or menstruation until dawn breaks.

2 – The fast of a pregnant woman.

3 – The fast of a breastfeeding woman.

4 – The fast of a woman experiencing irregular bleeding.

5 – The fast of a sick woman and an elderly woman.

6 – A woman’s testimony regarding sighting of the crescent.

7 – The lapse of the obligation of fasting for a menstruating woman and a woman in postpartum period. And the ruling of making up missed days.

8 – A husband coercing his wife to have intercourse during Ramadan or a wife coercing her husband its ruling and the ruling of expiation.


Registration details:

To register for this course, please email [email protected]. Please note this course is for women only. There is no fee for this course and it will be available in-house only at Al-Mahdi Institute.