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Al-Mahdi Institute

The Al-Mahdi Institute was established in 1993 with the objective of contributing to Muslim religious scholarship and learning, with particular emphasis on the Twelver Imāmī (Ithnāʿasharī) tradition, through engagement with both historical and contemporary discourses. The Institute’s activities are marked by its non-dogmatic, open philosophy, coupled with an attention to scholarly rigour. This facilitates the pursuit of excellence across a range of perspectives that are not necessarily confined to the theological and religious heritage of any particular tradition. The Al-Mahdi Institute seeks to explore the relationship of religious ideas to all dimensions of contemporary thought and culture in a spirit whereby the human face of Islam, epitomised in the teachings of the Prophet Muḥammad and his impeccable progeny, can inform the holistic development of all individuals and societies.
Al-Mahdi Institute
Al-Mahdi Institute
Following the success of the Contemporary Fiqhi Issues Workshop Series, AI Mahdi Institute has published conference proceedings of last year’s workshop, held on the 5th-6th July 2018, on 'The Past, Present and Future of Shīʿī Ijtihād'. This short compendium is available without charge, allowing individuals who were not present at the workshop to gain an insight into the various areas of research pertaining to Shi’i ijtihad and taqlid. [ 58 more words ]
Al-Mahdi Institute
Al-Mahdi Institute
Single and double en-suite rooms available to rent. Ideal for students and professionals. For more information contact estates@almahdi.edu
Al-Mahdi Institute
Al-Mahdi Institute
Missed our recent discussion on 'Is Islam Outdated?' watch it here.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXmZzJ2bL7g&t=157s
Al-Mahdi Institute
Is Islam outdated? | Public Discussion
Ayatollah M Damad and Shaykh Arif engage in a public discussion on 'Is Islam outdated?'


"Contemplation on narrations related to Islamic Taxes"
Presented by Syed Jaafer Fadhlullah
#AMIFiqhiworkshop https://t.co/VT8c14JlVq
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AMI’s Hawza Programme now accredited by Mofid University https://t.co/1k9fqqEKmH

AMI's 7th Annual Contemporary Fiqhi Issues Workshop has kicked off.. on 'The Efficacy of Financial Structures for Islamic Taxes and Dues' https://t.co/68Ahf6FYVk AMIOutreach photo

Is Islam Outdated?
Join us this Saturday 29/6 at 4pm with Ayatollah M Damad and Shaykh Arif.

Ask your questions beforehand:
https://t.co/19Xu6e27Wv https://t.co/FR1xwPPXxN
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Registration is now open for our upcoming 7th Annual #Contemporary #Fiqhi Issues #workshop workshop on “The Efficacy of #Financial Structures for #Islamic #Taxes and Dues” - to be held on 4th - 5th July 2019. Find out more >> https://t.co/8XnyuRsqkN https://t.co/1vza7En49O AMIOutreach photo