Al-Mahdi Institute is committed to the enhancement of the Shi’i community, focusing on meeting the educational, spiritual, and practical needs of the people. By hosting scholarly discussions as part of the Shia Scholars Forum (SSF) and yearly Arbaeen lectures, AMI hopes to encourage Shi’i communities to actively contribute towards faith-based academic research for the intellectual and spiritual development of communities worldwide.

The Shia Scholars Forum (SSF):

Realising that scholars need to be well equipped to answer challenging questions arising from the grass roots, the Shia Scholars Forum (SSF) provides an opportunity for those addressing the community to critically explore key beliefs in an open and safe environment. By gaining a deeper understanding of the various viewpoints within the Shi’i tradition, scholars in a position of authority are better prepared to offer guidance. Find out more about SSF and its activities here.

Arbaeen Lectures:

Each year, a lecture series to commemorate the Arbaeen of the grandson of the blessed Prophet, Imam Husayn, is held by AMI. The lectures, delivered by Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain aim to provide the audience with a deeper understanding of life, the purpose of human existence, the relationship between God and humankind and more. Every talk is followed by a question and answer session where people are given the chance to raise their queries, either in person or through the online platform. Details of our previous Arba’een lectures can be viewed here