CIMS: ‘Who are the Ahlul Bayt?’

On Saturday 3rd of October 2015, CIMS held a seminar at Al-Mahdi Institute entitled ‘Who are the Ahlul Bayt?’. The Shi’i view was presented by Shaykh Mohammed Abu Ja’far who has studied in Qum under many great scholars. (The Sunni view will be presented at our next CIMS event). A healthy, respectful Q&A discussion was held after the presentation with many clarifications made about the Shi’i stance on the Ahlul Bayt.


Some of the points of discussion from the presentation and Q&A were;

• The wives of the prophet are considered to be part of the ‘Ahlul Bayt’ in a more general meaning of the term, whereas the more specific meaning of the term is limited to the five, and this is backed by the different narrations e.g. the event of Mubahila

• Both Shia and Sunni accept the Ahlul Bayt as role models and sources of guidance

• According to the Shia school of thought, insulting and use of derogatory language about the wives of the Prophet is strongly prohibited and is against the teachings of the Imams e.g. Imam Ali (a.s) who respected and maintained the honour of the wife of the Prophet even after she stood up against him in the battle of Jamal

• The Shia’s unanimously agree that exaggerating (ghulluw) of the status of the Imams is unlawful, and the Imams are below the Prophet in station.

The next CIMS event will be on the Sunni perspective on the Ahlul Bayt.

To view more images from the event, please click here.

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