Award of Scholarship

AMI is pleased to announce the award of a Haji Mohammed Khaki scholarship, for the Four Year Hawza programme to Mrs Hannah Smith, for studies commencing in September 2014.

Hannah Smith holds an undergraduate MSci in Geophysics from Imperial College London, a Masters degree in Geophysics from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor and a PGCE in Secondary Science Education from the Institute of Education in London. Hannah worked as a Physics teacher in London secondary schools for 3 years and has also worked with the Muslim convert community, authored dozens of articles on Islam, Science, Culture and Politics and produced and appeared on a number of TV shows. In the past year she has been developing new curricula and school models for contemporary Britain.

Hannah has chosen to pursue Hawza studies at Al-Mahdi Institute “because the Hawza curriculum combines a critical analysis of traditional Islamic sciences with the study of contemporary western academic thought”

The deadline for applications for the remaining two awards is 30th July 2014. The award provides for tuition fees, on-campus accommodation and a stipend of £400 per calendar month for the duration of studies.

For further details on the Haji Mohamed Khaki Scholarship and the application process click here