Ask Moharram – Report

Ask Moharram was a unique event by Al-Mahdi Institute to fulfil the need of the Muslim communities in understanding the phenomenon of  Moharram commemoration. The event was completely dependable on the audience by their engagement in the three phases devised by AMI. The main aim of this event was to deliver to the audience an answer, from the most burning questions they had this Moharram 1435. As a result, three phases were developed:

(1) The “Twitter” Phase; whereby members of the public could tweet in any question on the theme of Moharram using the trend #AskMoharram.

(2) The “Facebook” Phase; here the members of he public were given the authority to pick a theme selected by a panel of experts from the questions asked on twitter.

(3) The Public Discussion; this was the last phase of the event, where a panel of senior scholars came together to address the selected theme and join in an open public discussion with the participants on Monday, 2nd December 2013 at Al-Mahdi Institute’s Musallah (Chapel).

The impact of this event was remarkable as this was the first time that members of the grass-root were able to freely ask questions to a panel of senior scholars. Every participant was thoroughly engaged in the discussion and was given a chance to ask their question. The questions came from participants of all ages and varied from the theological ones to the symbolic ones.

To view the pictures from this event, please visit: Ask Moharram Gallery