AMI’s Shaykh Muhammed Reza Tajri delivers Arbaeen Lecture series at KSIMC Milton Keynes

During Arbaeen, between 17th – 21st November 2016, AMI’s Shaykh Mohammed Reza Tajri delivered a series of lectures surrounding the topic of;

– Misunderstanding Manliness: Raising our boys

– Dishonesty, A Symptom of Cowardice

– The Cowardice & Insecurity in Rumour Spreading, and

– Personal and Communal Insecurity leading to religious Superiority

Taking place at Zainabiyya Islamic Centre in Milton Keynes, the lectures were well attended by a great number of learned community members and interested members of the public. During the five nights Shaykh Tajris lectures challenged misconceptions on the social understanding of masculinity – ratifying it with the Islamic definition, the gravity of lying and the less obvious ways in which we may be dishonest. He also relayed invaluable insights as to what is considered truthful living, a “must-listen” for all serious students of religion.

To watch the full series click here