AMI’s head librarian, Mohsen Najafi, attends the Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF)

Between 3rd – 13th May AMI’s head librarian, Mohsen Najafi, attended The Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) – which is held in Tehran on an annual basis. The book fair was well received with a large number of local and international people, including university students & scholars. The information published by the TIBF indicates that an average of 2,500 domestic and 600 foreign publishers participate in this event. For more information on this annual event, please click here

Mohsen attended the book fair on behalf of Al-Mahdi Institute with the aim of enriching the AMI library’s existing collections. At this year’s Book Fair, more than 300 books in Arabic and Persian languages were acquired at highly discounted rates. Attending the Book Fair on such a platform has enabled the library to establish contacts and network with a wide variety of individuals, publishers and booksellers. The experience was hugely rewarding for the library and ultimately for AMI.

We hope to host an exhibition at AMI where you shall have the opportunity to view and browse the books acquired at the Book Fair. The dates for this will be advertised shortly.

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