AMI’s Dr Wahid Amin presents at International Symposium at Medenivet University (Istanbul)

Dr. Wahid M. Amin, Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Al-Mahdi Institute, recently presented a paper at the Medeniyet University in Istanbul during a three-day international symposium (18-20 November 2016) dedicated to the 17th-century Ottoman scholar Ṭāshküprīzādah. Although western scholarship has known of Tāshküprīzādah’s historical and bio-bibliographical writings, almost nothing is known about his extensive writings in other fields such as philosophy, theology, ādāb al-baḥth, logic, ethics, and Islamic law, many of which were studied for the first time by scholars participating at this event.

In his paper, Dr. Amin provided a general survey of one of Ṭāshküprīzādah’s most influential works, al-Shuhūd al-ʿaynī fī mabāḥith al-wujūd al-dhihnī, dedicated to the post-classical philosophical problem of mental existence. The paper was well received and has been accepted for publication in the symposium’s forthcoming conference proceedings, which is due to be published later this year.

The symposium also received widespread media coverage in Turkey and provided an unprecedented opportunity for modern Turkish nationals to engage publically in the heritage and legacy of Islamic philosophy.