AMI Student paticipates in New Horizon’s ‘British Islam’ Conference

Between 19th-20th March one of our AMI students presented a paper on ”Other legal systems as Sharia?” at New Horizon’s ‘British Islam’ Conference, held at Coventry University. The presentation was on the challenges of modernity and the current ‘Sharia’ understandings amongst both traditionalists and reformists, and how they attempt to solve any conflict. The existential framework was also discussed, and how it can be used to solve the same conflict.


The presentation was well received by the audience and the organisers who found it insightful into the different way’s Shari’a can be interpreted. To view an abstract of the paper click here

The event aimed to promote collaboration and thinking around the idea of a British Islam and to encourage the development of British Muslim thought, identity and culture; and to create a space for development of networks and partnerships.It does this by promoting an open, inclusive and forward-looking arena for debate, discussion and sharing of ideas that are rooted in the British context. But this is not an academic event; it is about using all avenues possible, including art and culture, to enhance Muslim voices.

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