AMI student Anderson Al-Wazni publishes blog ‘The hijab can be a feminist act’

Part time AMI student, Anderson Al-Wazni published a blog post entitled ‘The hijab can be a feminist act’ in Oxford University Press Blog. The blog post highlights the medias impact on the public’s view of hijab and whether it may actually be, for many women an empowering feminist act opposed to the generalised view of oppression and coercion.

The post is available to read here

Anderson Al-Wazni is a community organizer based in North Carolina and a part time student on AMI’s Hawza programme. She received her Masters in Social Work at Smith College in 2014 where she completed her thesis on Muslim women, hijab, and feminism. She is committed to writing and speaking on social justice issues as they relate to Muslims, in particular Muslim women and female empowerment. She aims to increase visibility of Muslim women in public discourse through writing and public speaking and she provides free English courses to local refugee women. – She may be contacted at [email protected]

She is also the author of “Muslim Women in America and Hijab: A Study of Empowerment, Feminist Identity, and Body Image” click here to read