AMI Shaykh Mahmood Dhalla presesnts at NHS ‘End of Life Matters’ event

On Thursday 7th November, Shaykh Mahmood Dhalla was invited to present at an NHS event on ‘End of Life Matters’. The event comprised of presentations from local professionals (law firm, funeral undertakers), medical team, and faith representatives which included Christian, Sikh and Quaker. There was also a presentation from St. Mary’s Hospice. The 30 or so attendees included health professionals and members of the public with a greater proportion of the elderly. The aim was to inform, create greater understanding of the beliefs, views, and requirements of Muslims, and importantly also to learn from the other presenters.

   The succinct presentation -due to time- was on the Muslim view on End of Life matters and comprised of the following main points:

– An introduction to how Muslims generally view death; how it is not an end to existence but a passage to another existence.

– The causes of fear of death and preparation for it, such as fulfilling obligations to both the Creator and creatures, and forgiveness.

– What death is and discussing the view of the Quran on in its use of the word tawaffi and its inference.

– The importance of making a will.

– Considerations at the time of death and immediately after death.

– Religious rituals prior to and after funeral.

The event was highly informative and beneficial to all those that attended. To find out more please click here