AMI Publishes Fiqhi Workshop Conference Proceedings

Following the success of the Contemporary Fiqhi Issues Workshop Series, AI Mahdi Institute has published conference proceedings of last year’s workshop, held on the 5th-6th July 2018, on ‘The Past, Present and Future of Shīʿī Ijtihād’. This short compendium is available without charge, allowing individuals who were not present at the workshop to gain an insight into the various areas of research pertaining to Shi’i ijtihad and taqlid. Papers range from the historical sanctification of ijtihad to the to the need for collective ijtihad and consultative taqlid. Due to the positive response to the compendium, Al Mahdi Institute will publish a scholarly volume with short papers of this year’s workshop on ‘The Efficacy of Financial Structures for Islamic Taxes and Dues’, held on 4th-5th July 2019.