AMI participation in Multicultural Festival in Poland

On 24 May 2013 the Al-Mahdi Institute in collaboration with the Muslim Unity Society took part in a multicultural festival in the Polish city of Lublin. Activities included lectures by Rafał Berger (MUS), Arek Miernik and Syed Aliraza Naqvi (AMI), as well as an Islamic calligraphy exhibition and a concert of traditional Persian music.

Shaykh Arek Miernik, the AMI Poland Representative and Seyed Alireza Naqvi of Al-Mahdi Institute visited Lublin and participated in the event where Shaykh Arek Miernik delivered lecture on Artistic Expression of Shi’i Islam and Seyed Alireza Naqvi delivered the English lecture on the eve of birth anniversary of Imam Ali a.s. Poetry and Qaseedas were recited by the local artists and a band of traditional Persian music was arranged by Polish Iranian Community.

The event was attended by about 60 to 70 people where Polish translation of AMI introductory booklets were given out.