AMI partcipates in Visit my Mosque Day initiative

On Sunday 5th February, AMI participated in the nationwide initiative to open up Islamic centres for people of all faiths and none. Al-Mahdi Institute took part for the first time in the “Visit My Mosque” initiative by the Muslim Council of Britain with its “Tea & Tour” event. People from both near and far attended with ages ranging from toddlers to seniors. The guests were given a tour of the Institute and briefed of its activities and given an insight into the Islamic faith and some of its practises. For those who wanted further information there was also a booklet prepared titled “What is Islam all about?”.

This continued with informal discussions over Sunday brunch where the guests had the opportunity to ask questions. The atmosphere was perceived as warm and pleasant where new and valuable relations were nurtured which hopefully will continue into the future; it is hoped the guests were made to feel welcomed which would be celebrated as a mark of success.

Here’s what some of the visitors had to say;

“It was a real pleasure to visit your institution. Thank you for opening your doors to visitors and providing such warm hospitality!

I look forward to attending future events. Many best wishes, Mary

“Thank you for giving the opportunity to visit the Institute yesterday as part of the ‘Visit My Mosque’ initiative. I greatly enjoyed spending a little time finding out about your work and visiting your fantastic buildings, garden and library. I took the opportunity to sign up to your mailing list and greatly look forward to hearing more from you in the future. In love, friendship and solidarity, Jonathan” 

To view the ‘What is Islam all About?’ booklet click here