AMI Panel Discussion on ‘Racism in the Muslim Community’

On Friday 24th March, Al-Mahdi Institute held a public discussion entitled ‘Racism in the Muslim Community’. Inviting neighbours, local communities, AMI students, faculty and the general public.

The aim of the event was to encourage audience participation with an extended question and answer session to try and gage what the community thinks about race issues that have an impact on their lives.

With an impressive turnout of over 100 people, the programme initiated with a beautiful recitation of the quran followed by panel discussions led by

–         Shaykh Nuru Mohammed (KSIMC Birmigham)

–         Dr Amina Inloes (The Islamic College, London)

–         Salma Yaqoob (Birmingham Central Mosque)

The second half of the event featured a question and answer session actively participated in by the audience raising issues such as ”Why do we feel it’s better for our children to marry within their own race?”, and how to tackle hidden racism within the muslim community as well as within ourselves..

The evening drew to an end with positive and progressive closing remarks by the panelists. Dr Amina Inloes, leaving us with a narration of Imam Ali (AS) ‘Man is either your brother in faith or your equal in humanity’, which concluded the program. An insightful and engaging evening!

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