AMI Panel Discussion on ‘Islam, Pluralism and Diversity

On Friday 9th of June 2017, AMI held a panel discussion on Islam, Pluralism & Diversity with Shaykh Ayub Rashid (Teacher at ICAS Hawza London) , Shaykh Mansour Leghaei (Co-Founder of Imam Hussain Centre Australia) and Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain (Director of Al Mahdi Institute).

The discussion started off by Shaykh Mansour on how pluralism is a product of western Christian discourse that has led to secularism, and how according to his view verses in the Quran can’t be read in a pluralistic light.

Shaykh Ayub outlined how the Quran encourages diversity and dialogue. The Habashi model was metioned as to how the Muslims were welcomed in a non-Muslim environment, and how the Muslims lived in that diverse society. Furthermore the Medinan charter was mentioned and how diversity was prevalant in the time of the prophet, and how the Muslims lived peacefully in that society. We need to learn from the Prophet in living in a diverse religion.

Shaykh Arif analysed different Quranic verses, coming up with the minimum conditions for salvation of salvation bit existentially (surrendering to the truth in sincerity) and theologically (Faith in Allah, Striving in good deeds, and believing in the last day). Further verses were looked at, demonstrating the notion of pluralism from within the Quran, and what the term ‘Islam’ means in its Quranic usage. The talk concluded with the different religions are same in essence but different in form

An engaging Q&A ensued after the talks with members of the public asking the panel on the topic discussed

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