AMI Library launches first ‘AMI Library Book Club’

On 23rd of August 2016, the AMI Library were proud to launch the ‘AMI Library Book Club’, with an encouraging turnout of staff, students and interested members of the public.

The Book Club kick-started their reading journey with Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s book “Man and Nature”.  The meeting was led by Mehdiya Jaffer, and was encouraging, successful and insightful for all who attended and participated.


Check out what those attending had to say;

“A unique experience in being able to share thoughts and ideas with people for the common purpose of better understanding it and drawing some practical applications for it in our lives.Definitely motivated me to pick up a book and finish reading it whereas I would have normally just stopped half way” – Shabbir A

“It was so nice to have the opportunity to discuss all of the different points of view each of us had from reading the same book, really helped gain a better understanding of the text. Great company and a lovely place to meet. Can’t wait for next month”- Tahera M.

“It was lovely to see all of you and I enjoyed the discussions! Thank you for organising and I’m looking forward to next month!” –Mehdiya J

“Great company and great books..what more can you ask for :)” – Tehseen M.

“Feeling more confident now to pick up any book to read and finish… it was such a fruitful meeting in a beautiful place, with wonderful weather. looking forward to the next one already” – Mohsen N.

To find out when the next meeting will be held and to join, subscribe to our updates or email [email protected] for more information!