AMI Library Acquires over 500 New Books

AMI librarian, Mohsen Najafi, attended the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair, in April 2019, with the aim purchasing selective titles to enrich AMI Library’s existing collections. During the book fair, he purchased around 550 Arabic and Persian books in varying subjects, including Islamic Theology and Philosophy, Islamic History, Shia Jurisprudence and Shia Legal Theory. The books were purchased at highly discounted rates at the fair, sometimes up to 40%.

He also visited the bookshops in Qom and Tehran where he acquired some specific titles that were not available at the book fair, such as works on Zaidi Jurisprudence and Theology. The trip was a great success as Mohsen managed to find most of the books he had hoped to purchase and also found many other books that are valuable additions to the library. Whilst Mohsen was in Iran he arranged visits to a number of libraries and institutions in Qum and Tehran including Markaz Da’irat al-Ma‘arif Buzurg Islami of Tehran and Mofid University of Qom. Overall, the trip provided a brilliant opportunity to initiate and establish contacts, links and future collaborations.

All of the titles acquired from Iran were showcased at the AMI Library Book Exhibition which was attended by students, staff, and external visitors.