AMI hosts Progressive Christian Network (PCN) for discussion and tour

On Monday 13th November members of the Progressive Christian Network (PCN) were welcomed by Al Mahdi Institute students and staff for a lunch and discussions. The PCN is a network which works to promote and support open and contemporary Christian understandings. Members come from all denomination and none, organising regular conferences and events, and are active in interfaith activities.

The gathering started with a tour of the library at the institute, followed by afternoon prayers which PCN members observed, and then discussions over lunch. It was a healthy atmosphere of exchanging of views and discussions between the students, staff and the PCN members.

After Lunch, PCN members, of which some clergy met with Shaykh Arif Abdulhussein (Director of Al Mahdi Institute) and engaged in various topics ranging from  religion, God, Human contextuality, Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion, the Niqab in today’s society, and many other topics from both the Islamic and Christian points of views. At the end of the discussion both sides felt that more of these discussions must take place to learn from one another.