AMI hosts Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign

On Saturday 27th February 2016 members of IHBDC travelled from all over the UK to Al-Mahdi Institute for their Annual Committee Meeting. Joined by AMI faculty for a day of fun, shared learning and development. Highlights included an ice-breaker activity lead by Jenan Al-Hussaini where the group discovered amusing facts about each other such as Haroon Ahmed’s genuine love for trainers and more surprisingly..elephants! They then looked at the campaign’s results and highlights, with 556 blood donations being the most distinctive and motivating achievement of 2015.

This was followed by the group splitting into sub-committee groups such as Marketing, Finance and Franchising to brainstorm and plan developments for 2016 before diving into a highly inspiring workshop on time management presented by Mustafa Khan. Key advice including ‘Why wait? – if you can complete it within the next few minutes don’t add it to your to-do list’ and tips to overcome procrastination were shared. The workshop was described as ‘better than commercial’ and ‘short and sweet’ daily use advice for a more proactive year. To access the time management presentation, click here

IHBDC participants then took a tour around the beautiful gardens surrounding the Al-Mahdi Institute, with avid photographer of the group Maisem-Reza Khaku capturing some beautiful shots of the grounds, before heading back to summarise practical steps moving forward for the campaign. By the end of the day, members – including new members left in their own words ‘inspired’ and ‘motivated’ to take on the challenges and goals set for 2016 and benefitted significantly from the Annual Committee Meeting at Al-Mahdi Institute. A great success!

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