AMI graduate Mahdiyah Abdulhussain presents at Centre of Islamic Studies symposium

Between 12th – 13th May 2017, AMI graduate Mahdiyah Abdulhussain presented a paper at the Muslims in the UK and Europe Postgraduate Symposium, organised by the Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge. Her paper was entitled ‘Examining the definition of death and its implication for the permissibility of brain dead organ donation in contemporary Shi’ite jurisprudence’, and an abstract of her presentation can be read here

The Centre organises an annual postgraduate symposium on “Muslims in the UK and Europe”. The aim is to bring together graduate students from British, European and American universities to present their research to their peers, discuss their findings and engage in debate about the issues that face Muslims in the European context. Topics vary widely, from Sufism to Salafism, from charity to burial rites, religious travel to therapy, Islamophobia, deradicalisation initiatives and more.

The Centre invites scholars of Islam to attend the symposium proceedings and act as mentors and commentators. Keynote speakers have also been invited to address major issues on Muslims and Islam in the British and European contexts. These senior academics and thinkers offer insightful reflections on the relationship between ‘Islam’, reflexivity, and the possibility for creative rethinking of social issues in the UK and Europe.

A product of the symposium is a publication of edited papers which provide a range of topical essays on Islam and Muslims in the Europe. Muslims in UK and Europe II is available to download here.