AMI Faculty Dr Ali-Reza Bhojani, Dr Wahid Amin and graduate student Mozzammil Jaffer present research at 3rd Annual BRAIS Conference 2016

On the 11th – 12th April 2016, the British Association for Islamic Studies held their Third Annual Conference 2015 at Senate House, University of London; inviting Research fellows from around the globe to represent a broad range of backgrounds and sub-disciplines within Islamic Studies. The two day programme featured a total of 200 stimulating panels on various themes and included 5 plenaries and an event open to the public.

The British Association for Islamic Studies (BRAIS) is a learned society and professional organisation focused on enhancing research and teaching about Islam and Muslim cultures and societies in UK higher education. The association provides a forum for academic exchange for scholars with an interest in any aspect of Islam and the Muslim world (including non-Muslim majority societies), and acts as an umbrella organisation for members working in a wide range of disciplines and geographical interest areas.

Representing Al-Mahdi Institute was Dr Ali-reza Bhojani who presented a paper on the topic of; Debates on taklīf al-kuffār bil-furū ͑ in Shī ͑ī thought and the two levels of Sharīʿa; particular Muslim duties and universal human responsibilities”. Joining him were Shaykh Wahid Amin on ”Truth and Truthmaking: Nasir al-Din al-Tusi and the Problem of Nafs al-Amr in Post-Classical Islamic Thought”; and AMI graduate Mozzammil Jaffer presenting on “The Juristic Utility of Taqiyya as a Hermeneutical Tool in Modern Shi’i Usuli Jurisprudence”

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