AMI Dr Ali-Reza Bhojani hosts volunteer training session for Christian ministers at AMI

On Wednesday 27th July AMI hosted a group of Christian ministers in training whom were preparing for the ‘Journey with Us’ volunteering programme to live and work overseas for up to 12 months aiding outreach work in the respective communities. Faculty member Dr Ali-reza Bhojani was invited to discuss an overview of AMI’s activities and ethos, in particular its commitment to learning and sharing through engagement across traditions in pursuit of shared values.

In particular the group benefited from contemporary and theological discussions aiding the work they are committing to whilst volunteering

Some of the issues discussed included;
– The nature of the Quran, and different approaches to its understanding
– Muslim Unity and Shi’a- Sunni differences.
– How to reconcile the sovereign will of God in Islam with the existence of so called Islamic Terrorism
– Islamophobia
– Muslim responses to the problem of Evil
– The centrality of family values in Islam, women rights and universal education
– The importance of religious traditions in contributing to moral education
To find out more about the ‘Journey with Us’ programme click here