AMI at Mubhaligeen Conference on 15th September 2013

Al-Mahdi Institute’s staff participated and gave a presentation on the AMI’s Four Year Hawza Programme and the AMI Library in COEJ’s Mubhaligeen Conference held at Masjid al-Husayn, Leicester on Sunday, 15th September 2013.

The aim of this gathering was to share ideas and knowledge in order to enhance our understanding and response to topical issues our community is facing.

The conference was attended by ladies and gents members, imams, and scholars of various jamaats of U.K.  The central theme of this year’s conference was; “Challenges of Modernity to our faith” and the keynote addresses were Sayed Mohammed Rizvi and Sheikh Mohammad Saeed  Bahmanpour.

Dr. Alireza Bhojani of AMI spoke about the Hawza programme offered by the Al-Mahdi Institute that brings together the traditional style of learning from seminaries of Qum and Najaf with the modern methodologies from Social Science and Humanities. He also welcomed all present to use the Library facilities, and all present were given a copy of AMI’s latest publication, translation of Kitab al-Tawhid.