Al-Quran: In the Light of Sunni and Shia Perspectives

As part of the ‘Centre for Intra-Muslim Studies’ (CIMS), The Al-Mahdi Institute held an inaugural event hosting scholars from different Muslim schools of thought to discuss the topic; “Al-Quran: In the Light of Sunni and Shia Perspectives.” Held on the 31st January 2015, the event was attended by prominent Ulama, scholars, community leaders and selected students from the Institute of Paigham Islam Trust, Babul Ilm Sparkbrook Islamic Centre and the Al-Mahdi Institute.

The aim of the event was to discuss and disseminate facts regarding the misconceptions of the authenticity of the holy Qur’an and to agree on the best course of action to tackle and prevent the spread of such misunderstandings. The format of the discussion involved presentations by key note speakers from both schools of thought followed by an interactive discussion between the guests and scholars.

The discussion began with the host, Dr Mohammad Khalid’s introduction of the key principles of CIMS and its purpose of creating unity and harmony amongst the Muslim Ummah. Followed by a welcome speech by Mufti Faiz Rasul Naqshabandi of the Sultan Bahu Trust, in which he spoke about how the Quran is the sole source of guidance for all humanity.

The first presentation by Hafiz Mohammad Saeed (Imam of the Islamic Centre, Handsworth Birmingham) validated the authenticity of the revelation of the Quran and refuted the allegations and misconceptions regarding the revelation and compilation of the Quran emanating from certain traditions.

Similarly, the second presentation by AMI’s Shaykh Arif Abdulhussain elaborated on the divine credibility of the Quran; which has maintained its authenticity since its revelation onto the holy Prophet. He also shed light on the narrations regarding the completion and compilation of the holy Quran to clear any related misunderstandings.

Finally, the discussion concluded with an interactive Q&A session allowing the audience to input their knowledge and ask the scholars their questions.

The discussion involved the following scholars;

1. Allama Mufti Faiz Rasul Naqshabandi (Imam and Mufti of Jami Masjid Sultan Bahu Trust)
2. Shaykh Arif Abdul Hussain (Director of Al-Mahdi Institute)
3. Shaykh Abbas Mirza
4. Maulana Mohammad Sarfraz Madni, (Scholar at Central Mosque, Birmimgham)
5. Dr. Attaullah Siddiqui (Islamic Foundation Markfield, Leicester)
6. Hafiz Mohammad Saeed (Imam and director of Islamic Centre, Handsworth Birmingham)
7. Shaykh Kabir uddin (Imam and director of Jami Masjid al-Manar, Birmingham)
8. Mufti Mohammad Faruq Alvi (Imam and Khatib of Jami Masjid, Birmingham)
9. Dr. Hashim Bata (AMI Research Fellow)
10. Shaykh Mahmood Dhalla
11. Br. Niaz ahmad (Central Mosque, Birmingham)
12. Dr. Mohammad Khalid (Director of the Centre for Intra-Muslim Studies)
12. Maulana Mohammad Sajjad (Imam and Khatib of Paigham Islam Trust, Birmingham)
13. Shaykh Mohammad Tajri (AMI Faculty)
14. Hafiz Mohammad Idrees, (Journalist and Writer for Jang, London)

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