Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you are welcome during the opening hours to enjoy a book on the premises.

Yes, you have to complete the application form and provide proof of identification and pay the membership fee to start borrowing books.

There is an annual £10 membership fee for full-time AMI students and a £20 fee for part-time students and external members.

As soon as you have registered and paid the membership fee, you are set to borrow books right away.

If you are an AMI member of staff or student, you can borrow a maximum of 15 books at a time.

If you are an external member, you can borrow a maximum of 5 books at any one time.

If you are an AMI member of staff or student, you can borrow books for a period of 28 days.

If you are an external member, you can borrow books for a period of 14 days. Please note that the librarian reserves the right to recall books at any time.

Once you have your account login information emailed to you by the Librarian, you can do this in several ways:

  1. Come into the library and renew your books
  2. Call us to have your books renewed
  3. Log in to your account online and renew your books

You can only do this for books that are already out on loan to another user(s). You can reserve the item that you require online through your account by using the “place a hold” option or come in to the library and talk to the library staff.

Please return to the issue desk and see a member of staff.

Books ought to be returned before or on the date they are due. If they are late for any reason, a fine of 0.20p per book per day will be incurred.

You can do this by either paying in person in the AMI library or online by clicking here.

You will be charged the cost of replacing the book plus a £10 administration fee.

Yes, please respect others by not talking or eating and remember to keep mobile phones on silent.

Yes, computers can be used by both library members and non-members.

The librarian can ask you to leave the library and membership can be revoked.

Please make your way to the nearest fire exist immediately.

For any further queries speak to one of our librarians in person or contact [email protected]