AMI Library supports the vision and mission of AMI “to be a leading centre of excellence that is contributing to Muslim religious scholarship and learning, with particular emphasis on the Twelver Imāmī (Ithnāʿasharī) tradition, through engagement with both historical and contemporary discourses.”

The library aims at serving the Al-Mahdi Institute by acquiring, organising and providing comprehensive scholarly library and information services.

In pursuit of its mission, AMI library will: 

  • provide a comprehensive, readily accessible collection of specialist and unique works
  • hold and provide access to rare and primary texts for the Islamic (academic) disciplines
  • have within its holdings, titles across a range of perspectives that are not necessarily confined to the theological and religious heritage of any particular tradition
  • initiate and sustain a working relationship with other academic institutions and libraries
  • develop a platform and strategies for sharing resources and information on a regional, national and international level
  • provide support for teaching and learning activities
  • encourage and support a healthy, safe and good working environment for all staff and patrons
  • welcome feedback and suggestions from users of the library collections