2018 Retreat with Shaykh Arif in Pakistan

rom the 2nd – 6th May 2018 Shaykh Arif led a Spiritual retreat in the picturesque Swat Valley in Pakistan. The six hour journey from Islamabad, and somewhat isolation from the busy main cities provided a perfect ambience for the spiritual retreat.

The daily programme would start with some mindfulness meditation, a very important technique to make us present and grounded – one that is useful in our day to day practices. This was then followed by walks in the scenic grounds, followed by congregational prayers and talks by Shaykh Arif. Excursions where part of the programme, with people from all over bonding together and reflecting on the bounties of God.

One of the participant, Sister Faiza had to say this:

“The retreat was a really good way to spend your time away from home, as it was a good opportunity to connect to your Lord in beautiful surrounding. Everywhere you looked, you were engulfed by the glory of Allah. The experience was nothing short of magical, and we are counting the days to the next retreat Allah willing!”