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Full-Time Study & Scholarships

The Four Year Hawza Programme is a full time course delivered over two semesters, and classes are generally held on Monday to Thursday from 9am till 4.30pm. At the end of each semester, which consists of 17 weeks of teaching, students are assessed in the various modules studied over the term. The assessment may include both examinations and assignments, depending on the specific requirements of the module curriculum.

In the first and second year of the programme, a large proportion of the course timetable is dedicated to the study of Arabic, in order to ensure that students are fully prepared for the more advanced modules that are studied in the subsequent years directly from Arabic texts. The course timetable allows for more independent research once the student has successfully completed the first two years of the programme.



The Institute recognises the dedication and commitment that is shown by a student enrolling on the intensive Four Year Hawza Programme. Therefore, in line with its philosophy of open learning, the Institute offers all prospective students the opportunity to apply for a limited number of scholarships. The range of scholarships available are awarded based on merit and may entitle applicants to receive a full-waiver on tuition fees, or in some instances both tuition fees and on campus accommodation.

Scholarships are available for Full-time, In-house students only and include the following;

100% tuition-fee waiver (not including registration fees)

In-house accommodation

Monthly stipends of £200

Applications for scholarships will be reviewed by the selection committee on the 1st July and 1st August of each Academic year.

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