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Shaykh Arif Abdul Hussain

Shaykh Arif Abdul Hussain
  • Faculty
    Academic Staff
  • Name
    Shaykh Arif Abdul Hussain
  • Position
    Senior Lecturer and Director of AMI
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Shakykh Arif founded the Al-Mahdi Institute in 1993, and currently serves as its Director and as Senior Lecturer in uṣūl al-fiqh and Muslim Philosophy. Shaykh Arif has been at the forefront of developing and delivering Advanced Islamic studies, tailored toward training students capable of addressing the needs of contemporary societies, for over twenty years. During this time he has also never ceased in his commitment to sharing the Human face of Islam at all levels of society through a combination of his world renowned inspirational and thought provoking public lectures, a long-term commitment to intra and inter faith dialogue and a dedication to encouraging the development of indigenous expressions of Islam throughout the world that can contribute to the pursuit of human development in its fullest sense.


Shaykh Arif was educated at the Madrassah Syed Al- Khoei, London and graduated with Honours in 1988 where he also taught Grammar, Logic, Islamic Law and Usul al-Fiqh. He then travelled to Iran to further his studies and received his training at Hawza Ilmiyyah of Qum between 1989-93. He also attended private training and research studies with leading scholars of Qum between 1990 and 1994. Alongside these studies he was also teaching in Qum across a wide spectrum of the traditional Muslim scholarly disciplines. On his return to the U.K. after founding the Al-Mahdi Institute he continued his graduate (kharij) training in Usul al-fiqh and fiqh from 1994 and until 2008 under Ayatullah H. Amini. 


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